Effective Therapy Programs For Children With Autism

The Autism Program at Springbrook exists to serve the specific and unique needs of children and adolescents with autism.

You can expect individual attention.

More parents are seeking effective therapy programs for children with autism as medical and behavioral professionals make advances in their understanding of autism in children. Often, these unique and fascinating kids can make tremendous social strides with more specific support, structure and specialized therapies. If you are a parent of a child on the spectrum, we know that you want the very best for your family, and that you want to find a methodical, disciplined approach to the treatment of autism—a program that is built on the latest medical research in behavior management while still taking your child’s individual environment and behaviors into account.We also know that you can’t do it all, as much as you would like to. Your child leans on you for so much. Who do you lean on?

Welcome to Springbrook. A state-of-the-art behavioral health center with a well-developed program for the treatment of autism in children ages 5-21. Our therapy programs for autism rely on the latest findings and the most effective research methods, and our therapists and other staff members meet regularly to discuss your child’s specific progress, goals, and challenges.

Our program is tailored to the child with autism and goal-oriented, rather than for long-term care, and works with children across the Southeast including Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina and South Carolina. This list is constantly expanded. We accept students at all developmental levels on the autism spectrum. We are also Tricare approved and accept children and adolescents from many states.

Productive Treatment Of Autism Takes A Team

Expect Involvement

We believe that the best, most successful behavioral therapy programs for children with autism involve the whole family. You know your child best. We love to answer your questions, respond to your concerns, and take family members and patients on tours of our center so that you can see our amenities first-hand.

As a family member of one of our patients, you can rest assured that we will keep you updated about your child’s progress along the way. Your child’s treatment team will hold a progress meeting each week, charting and reporting any new developments. In addition, the expert Autism Program staff will hold at least one in-depth meeting every month that will include the patient as well as the patient’s parents or guardians.

Finally, our therapy programs for children with autism include a significant family therapy and education component. Families of children with autism will get to meet with specially-trained therapists who will provide information and education, designed to help you better understand, and effectively address, the behaviors of your child. Many families of former patients have told us that family education is their favorite part of our therapy programs for autism, since it goes beyond solving the current behavioral crisis and sets them up for ongoing success.

Specialized Education For Children With Autism

Expect Instruction

The Autism Program also provides an all-day, year-round school for academic instruction. Approved home-school curriculums are used to provide individualized, self-paced instruction and tutoring, with low student-to-teacher ratios. Front-line staff is trained in special education instruction and classroom techniques and assume a teaching aid role during educational times.

The school in the Autism Program is contractually under the direction and accreditation of Einstein Academy, a non-profit private school in Greenville County with documented success in teaching and addressing the special needs of students with autism.

Specialized Programs For Autism In Children

Expect Insights

Many of the children we work with are able to become more social, decrease anxiety, and decrease destructive behaviors through highly-tailored combinations of specialized therapy programs for autism. At Springbrook, our experienced team interacts one-on-one with your child to create a routine that produces results.

Some of our most successful therapy programs for children with autism include:

Our Team of Experts

We care for each one of our patients and we strive to provide the best treatment for each. The list of services above is not exhaustive, but it does provide a good overview of the types of therapies for autism that we offer. Our devoted, experienced staff spends time with and pays attention to every patient in The Autism Program, and is willing to go above-and-beyond in order to have a breakthrough with your child.

Meet Our Team

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