Special Education For Children and Adolescents While Enrolled In Our Autism Behavioral Health Program, South Carolina

Special education for children and adolescents with autism is a key component to any successful autism program for youth with behavioral issues. Children with autism need routine and structure in order to be their most successful, and few activities provide the level of day-in, day-out structure that is naturally present in a classroom.

At Springbrook, we believe that the treatment of autism and behavioral issues has to take into account all of the needs of the child or adolescent—including the educational needs. Our classroom activities and other autism programs are based on applied behavior analysis, or ABA, which is an evidence-based method proven to be the most effective to teach children and adolescents with autism. The facility uses the FISH curriculum which is a ABA based curriculum used all over the world. Its author is employed by Springbrook to help ensure that the principles are accurately applies and individualized.

Our Curriculum For Children and Adolescents while in our Residential Program

We provide educational and vocational services to children, ages 5 to 21 , with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and behavioral issues while they are enrolled in our residential behavioral program. While in the acute Autism Program all students receive highly individualized behavioral, academic, and vocational curriculums. We partner with The Einstein Academy, using their proven instructional process and system to create a custom classroom experience for each student.

Our classrooms typically have low staff-student ratios; our highly-trained staff includes two Board-Certified Behavior Analyst certified special education teachers, and registered behavioral techs who assume the role of teachers aid in the classroom. Staff members are well-versed in the most effective methods for the treatment of destructive behaviors associated with autism. We integrate all aspects of student development into our classroom activities, including speech therapy, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, social skills, school-preparedness, self-care, and play skills. For older students, we also emphasize transitional skills in order to help students live more independently in the larger, outside world.

Special Education For Autism: A Snapshot Of Our School

Age of Students: 5-21
Clinical Methods Used: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:10
Average Class Size: 10 students*
Length of Program: Full-day, Year-Round*

*Our residential treatment facility is designed for the treatment of behavioral and psychiatric issues of consumers with autism spectrum or related disorders in South Carolina and various other states. Therefore, length of stay varies and is based on the child’s needs as well as the specific behavioral and psychiatric goals set by the parents and staff.

Our Team of Experts

We care for each one of our patients and we strive to provide the best treatment for each. The list of services above is not exhaustive, but it does provide a good overview of the types of therapies for autism that we offer. Our devoted, experienced staff spends time with and pays attention to every patient in The Autism Program, and is willing to go above-and-beyond in order to have a breakthrough with your child.

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