Speech Therapy and Nutritional Services


The Springbrook Autism Program takes a holistic approach to behavioral health—while the core of our program is Applied Behavior Analysis, we use many complementary therapies to achieve success with our residents and outpatient clients.


Speech Language Pathology

Springbrook's highly-skilled Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) have extensive experience with ASD/DD and provide comprehensive assessments to diagnose concomitant language-based learning difficulties, providing daily group therapy sessions that target social and functional communication skills (which may include picture exchange systems). If needed, they may also provide individual diagnostic therapy sessions.

Speech Therapy at Springbrook Autism Behavioral

Overcoming Verbalization Obstacles

For some children with Autism, expressing themselves verbally can be difficult. At Springbrook, our professional Speech Language Pathologists have over 25 standardized assessments at their disposal in order to meet these difficulties head on. With these assessments, they can determine and help improve a child's skill level in the areas of receptive and expressive language, pragmatic language, phonological and phonemic awareness, reading and writing, figurative language, social communication, vocabulary development, language processing, narrative language, and functional communication. Our SLPs also use non-standardized methods of assessment including speech and language samples, criterion based resources, and skilled observation.

Springbrook Behavioural Diet & Nutrition Services

Our diet and nutrition services are an important part of overall care at Springbrook. In addition to our in-house chef and kitchen staff who prepare fresh foods from scratch, Springbrook has a [J1] registered dietician on staff who can make healthy substitutions for food aversions, food allergies or intolerances, and other specific dietary concerns while also ensuring the correct nutritional balance of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Addressing Specific Dietary Concerns for Children With Autism

Healthy food is a challenge.

Getting kids to eat healthy food is a challenge for any parent or school, but it’s especially challenging for parents and caregivers who are working with children with autism, who may have strong food aversions and be unwilling to try new things. Proper diet and nutrition for kids with autism is a major concern; children on the spectrum are much more likely to experience malnutrition and eating disorders compared to neurotypical children.

Springbrook’s staff addresses these unique nutritional concerns in several ways:


Our Team of Experts

Maggie Moore

Speech-Language Pathologist

Maggie has been a Speech Language Pathologist since 2007. After graduating from Michigan State University with a bachelor of arts degree in Audiology and Speech Science, she attended the University of South Carolina where she obtained her Master of Speech Pathology (MSP) degree with a specialization in neurogenic speech, language, and swallowing disorders. Her specific area of interest is the brain and the neurological processes involved in communication with the Autism Spectrum Disorder population. She has held full time staff, supervisory, and director positions in a variety of settings throughout her career, including a multidisciplinary diagnostic team specializing in ASD diagnosis. Maggie also has extensive experience working with stroke, traumatic brain injury, and degenerative neurological diseases.

Dru Filter, MS CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Dru has been a Speech Language Pathologist since 1996. She received her undergraduate degree in Speech Language Pathology from Radford University and her Masters in Speech Language Pathology from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. She has worked in inpatient, outpatient and home health positions specializing in the areas of feeding and swallowing, childhood apraxia of speech, and the medically fragile population. Dru is new to Springbrook, but has worked with many children with autism in all settings throughout her career.

Tonya E. Jackson, MA CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Tonya, receiving her B.A. and M.A. from SC State University, is a Speech/Language Pathologist with over 25 years’ experience within a variety of treatment settings. As a SLP, Tonya enjoys the opportunity of working with children and adults to maximize functional ability to articulate, communicate and swallow effectively.

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