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Job Opportunities at Springbrook

Walk In Interviews will be interviewed every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Please bring a resume if available.

We are now accepting qualified applicants for a range of positions at our facility. Contact us today if you have any questions. Or start the process right now by filling out an application below. Springbrook Autism Behavioral Health is an equal opportunity employer that prohibits hiring discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, language, mental disability, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, and gender or expression

Please read instructions carefully on how to submit application.

Complete ALL of the included forms to be considered for employment.
To complete, click the download link below. (NOTE: Do not fill out the form at this point as you will NOT be able to submit from the online form that opens.) Next, download the forms to your computer by selecting the download link located in the upper right hand corner of your internet browser. Locate and open the file on your computer. You can then type in all information and click the submit on the last page of the form to email your completed application to our HR department.
You may also print the form and fill it in manually then scan and re-upload via the contact form. Please ensure all applicable fields are completed and legible before submission so that we can process your application.

Download Application

Submit forms with resumes to:

Springbrook Behavioral Health System
Human Resource Dept
P.O. Box 1005
Travelers Rest, SC  29690

Fax:  (864) 660-6010

  • "My favorite part about treatment team is hearing my progress and seeing Jessie [the therapy dog onsite]"
  • I wanted to take a moment to try to express how much Springbrook means to us!

    Springbrook has been a life saver literally (ours and our son)! We have a totally different son now and it is thanks to Dr. Fisher, Kenoisha , and the treatment team. Our local hospital here in Atlanta denied us care (our case was too difficult) and at the time it was soul crushing, but we are so glad now that it happened because we found Springbrook! Springbrook did more for our son in 40 days then anyone here in Atlanta has done in the last 4 years!!!!!!! We now drive every month 3 and half hours (each way) just to see Dr. Fisher as outpatient! We can not begin to thank you enough!!!!!!! Thank you, D.M
  • "Ms. Keeley is one of my favorite staff because she makes me feel like I have worth. She also gives me opportunity and extremely kind."
  • "My favorite RT group is when we do exercise."
  • "My favorite treatment team is knowing my goals that I have accomplished and learning how to control my anger."
  • "I think Springbrook will always help me."
  • "Ms. Sharniece is one of my favorite staff because she encouraged me to do well and to never give up on my treatment."
  • "The staff really care about us."
  • "I like school it is very fun"
  • "I think Springbrook has helped me the most with my treatment"
  • "My favorite RT group is when we do exercise"
  • "Things are going great! Thanks for all your help in the progress my son has made. H has had a good first week back at school!"
  • My son is doing much better, thanks to you and the other good folks at Springbrook.  I SO appreciate the professional yet compassionate care you all provided my son, you, Dr. Fisher, nursing, and the mental heath techs alike.  Everyone was so kind, understanding, and supportive of not just my son but of me as well, recognizing how difficult the decision to place him in Residential Treatment was for me.  I appreciated being able to call at any time for updates on how he was doing, the weekly RN notes informing me of his successes and, yes, of his setbacks.  I never felt out of touch. This will make you laugh...after ALL his complaining about not wanting to be at Springbrook and wanting to come home, WHY did my son, just THREE days after having left, ask if we could come visit you and some of the other staff?!  He made it clear, though, that he wasn’t planning on staying!  ?. Nonetheless, I would say THAT in itself speaks VOLUMES.