Behavioral Health Services

Inpatient & outpatient psychiatric therapy for children & adolescents ages 13-21 at Springbrook Behavioral Health.

Providing an opportunity for healthy change.

The Adolescent Male Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) at Springbrook Behavioral Health is designed to provide adolescents from ages 13 through 21 with a structured, therapeutic community that’s dedicated to their unique needs.

What can families expect?

  • Family members are invited to attend weekly family therapy and parent education and are encouraged to be a part of the healing process at all times.
  • Our nursing staff operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and perform assessments and reassessments that determine individualized goals and collaborates with the patient and the healthcare team to develop and implement a plan of care, as well as promoting self-care and managing medications.
  • Our registered dietitians provide nutritional assessment of all patients on special diets, oversee menu and recipe development and service of therapeutic diets.
  • Aftercare planning begins when treatment begins. Springbrook professionals work with families, the local school, youth serving agencies, and other health and mental health professionals to facilitate a successful return to the community.

Specialized Programming for Individual Needs

The PRTF program at Springbrook is separated into multiple treatment modalities to support a specific client population. Our program is led by our experienced child and adolescent psychiatrist, clinical therapists, nurses, teachers and mental health technicians who know the special requirements of working constructively with children experiencing emotional and behavioral problems. Problems typical of children/adolescents requiring the residential treatment level of care may include (but are not limited to):

Aggressiveness & Violence

Chronic Running Away

Harming of Self or Others

Highly Impulsive & Explosive Behaviors

Depression & Mood Disorders

Dependency on Drugs or Alcohol

Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors

Disorganized Thinking Process

Anxiety Associated with Autism Spectrum

Adolescent Services

Ages 13-21

Our Adolescent Programs are designed to help young people discover the solutions to problems, resolve conflicts, and unlock their potential. We provide much-needed structure in a challenging environment, while respecting the dignity and autonomy of the young people in our program. Age-appropriate activities are provided to motivate and reward positive decision-making, helping each teen to identify emotional issues, discover options, and learn positive ways of coping to gain self-control, the value of self-worth, and a promising outlook.

Outpatient Services

For medically stable children & adolescents

Springbrook Behavioral Health provides outpatient services to medically stable children and adolescents between the ages of birth and 21 years old with special healthcare needs.

  • A board-eligible child and adolescent psychiatrist provides patient care services.
  • Each patient must have a referral or authorization
    (if required by their insurance company).
  • An evaluation and treatment recommendations indicating the type and frequency of treatment is required.

Need to make a referral?

To make a referral for Springbrook’s Child and Adolescent Autism Behavioral Residential Treatment Facility, please contact the Admissions Department at 864-660-6220 or 864-660-6009 (fax).