Applied Behavioral Analysis Integration

The key to the Autism Behavioral Health Program at Springbrook is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) work collaboratively with our clients to provide compassionate, individual care.

In essence, this means that instead of focusing only on correcting the external behavior, we spend time upfront assessing individual needs and trying to understand why the child or adolescent with autism is acting out in destructive ways. While this approach requires more time and resources, it achieves much better long-term results, helping our patients with autism spectrum disorders achieve their highest possible level of functionality and wellbeing.

Autism Behavioral Health Program: Overview of a Typical Day

What does Applied Behavioral Analysis look like day-to-day? Attempting to fully understand autism behavioral health is a complex process, and it is nearly impossible to improve some of the self-destructive behaviors associated with autism in a vacuum. Each day in our program addresses the needs of the whole person. Children and adolescents with autism will have different therapies and other activities designed to help them reach specific behavioral goals. While we incorporate enough variety into the schedule in order to address the behavioral issues of each patient, and to challenge each patient to grow, we also make sure that our days are structured enough to reduce the anxiety associated with autism.

The Specifics of Our Autism Behavioral Health Program

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